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“Dear Noora, you are one of life's treasures. You come and enrich our lives and give us a deep, deep understanding of ourselves and all that surrounds us and that which is within us. You have revealed possibilities that we were previously unaware of and left us with a sense that life will never be quite the same again. The journey to paradise is often challenging, but the rewards for meeting those challenges from a calm and open place are limitless. My gratitude for your presence with us and to all of those who gathered here this weekend is beyond measure. “ - G.L.

“Noora for me is the person that really lives what she believes in. From her words, her acts, her believes she breaths LOVE. True love from the heart with no judges other than curiosity and openness.”

"If you get the chance to go to one of Noora Ehnqvist clinics, don’t miss the opportunity, she is the most extraordinary person. My husband who works at UNE in management role has had access to world leading motivators and speakers that the University pay thousands for, said Noora is the best he has experienced. I feel the same, I have been exposed to many of the world leaders in the equine industry and I feel that if you want to work with a true Master seek out Noora! Noora embodies all that she teaches which makes her authentic, inspiring and a joy to be around.”


I feel the experience has helped make me not just a better horse-person, but a better ‘me’. Thank you Noora... you are in my heart, always.” - M.S.


“We are so blessed to be living in times when there are such enlightened teachers. Noora is the absolute real deal in my book and gives great soul and body guidance for horses and humans. Although I have only spent a few clinics worth of time with Noora, her influence lives on in me. She teaches a lot about love, honesty and finding an authentic path that is very fresh, truthful and light. ” - S.B.




”One of those weekends you don't want to end. Such an amazing clinic with Noora Ehnqvist. If you ever get a chance to participate in one, I would strongly recommend. You really don't know what a connection with your horse is until you start to talk their language."

“Many people have asked me and might right now be thinking ‘what does Noora do? I still struggle with the words to explain this. There is not one method, not one answer and there is no plan that everyone can follow. The path and way is different for everyone, but ‘what does Noora do?’ For me she brings balance. The definition from the dictionary explains it perfectly: An even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady.”

Everyone and everything’s balance is different and there is not one method, one way, one answer. You have to experience how your balance is, body and mind. Your horse has to experience how their balance is. As individuals and together you can find stability. Noora can feel like no other where you might have lost your footing and helps you and your dancing partner to be able to stand up right and steal the show!” - M.D.




“How do we meet somebody with a question instead of an answer? The freedom and unconditional trust in the universe of meeting all possible answers with the same acceptance and openness. The not-even-so-well-kept secret of then "just letting go".... of everything you want to have, to happen, of every old grief and of what you love. I'll set myself free and join the tribe into our body in the flow of a dance, using our imagination to rise awareness of what is already there. Deepfelt thanks Noora and the other "zensitives" - K.B.



“Noora showed an unconditional love and respect, not just for the horses, but for the human members of our group too.”


“Noora taught me about living from the essence of love, about the power of centeredness, connectedness, about the rhythm of life and so much more.”



“That moment, 3 years ago, is the one that defines me: who I am, what I do, what I stand for.

So glad I could figure this out, being true to myself and what I was feeling, honouring and the promise I once made to my beautiful mare. 
That horse is the reason I started this journey, she turned my sad tears into happy ones.
How everything has changed since then! Wonderful to see how this is possible, and motivated to continue this wonderful work, hoping to inspire other people too.

Forever grateful Noora for this!” - S.V.


“It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then” ~ L.C.

”I just know that these three days will change my life. That doens't mean that from now on I'll be the most succesful young woman on this planet, neither does it mean that everything will be easy from now on. It simply means that the first steppingstone of a magical journey is being placed. A journey to search for inner peace, for loving all our colours (even the purple and red), for daring to be myself and daring to let go of fear, pressure or anything that holds me back. For learning to enjoy all the little wonders in life, for trying to live from the core of my body and opening up my soul.”


“One of the 'big things' that was resolved for me was my struggle with the concept of ‘leadership’. Like many of us who are on a relationship-based journey with horses, the term ‘leader’ had become somehow spoiled for me. Noora cleared this away for me, by simply ‘being’ a leader, in the truest sense of the word... Someone who you instinctively know (feel) you can trust, who is there only to help you and who will assist you through anything that may be difficult or frightening. Someone you ‘desire’ to listen to and feel inspired by.” M.S.


Noora, you're forever in my heart. Words won't be sufficient enough to describe the expirience and the emotions” - C.B.


“The Body Awareness Noora teaches is like a true gift to your body and mind. It not only contributes to connection of the body and mind and the suppleness of your body, it also helps me to understand my body and improves the language it speaks. Which is very helpful in my contact with horses.”

“Noora's believes about the mind, the body and the soul, how to connect these three powers within and to guide your emotions from this power, has helped me already so much. No one has ever before explained to me so simple and so clear, the power of these three elements within us, how you can get them to cooperate and what this adds to my quality of life!”


“These last couple of days brought peace in my mind. Working with horses during the Clinics of Noora is not so much working with horses. Not groundwork, not dressage, not trick training. But working on yourself. On being calm and soft, but clear. On feeling that softness through your whole body. So you can transfer it to your horse.

During the last 3 days, I found myself again. And because of that my horse. Now I have once again found a home, a friend and a place where my horse and I are truely happy. Thank you Noora Ehnqvist.” - T.W.




Your clinic brought me back home. I can't thank you enough for dedicating your life to the truth!"


”After participating in the clinic at the beginning of this year I repeated your words to myself day after day. 'To truly see and feel the emotional intelligence and fairness of horses we need to live in our body instead of our head. We need to stop trying to know and hear and instead start to listen, feel and receive while staying in our strength, then your horse has the space to show him/herself and to be there for us'.”

“The time spent with Noora was so uplifting and affirming. Rarely does one meet a person of such absolute integrity and such a deep and true commitment for the horse'”

”Noora is the most evolved person that I have met, she is gifted with astute perception, sensitivity, clarity and insight into horses and humans, superb feel and timing as well as being a fantastic teacher! She shines a bright light. You and your horse will be guided, enriched, nourished as well as entertained in the most wonderful ways!”

“Noora taught me about living from the essence of love, about the power of centeredness, connectedness, about the rhythm of life and so much more. I feel privileged to have met her, travelled with her and being amazed over and over by her in every aspect. These are just my words of a person indescribable. I hope these words at least make you curious. Because my wish to everyone is to just meet and experience her yourself. Thank you Noora for who you are!!!” -J.P.


”A special thank you to Noora Ehnqvist for giving so much of yourself and teaching us your wisdom of life, which is so valuabe and powerful and bringing inner peace....and this is so essential in the togetherness with people and horses”

“Another truly incredible few days clinic. It was a great pleasure on this trip to meet with fellow trainer and now I hope longtime friend the extraordinary Noora Ehnqvist, rarely does one come across such a shining light of human-ness and it is clear why everyone who meets her feels so happy and uplifted by her smiley loving energy, thank you for sharing yourself with the world of horses Noora... ” - P.W.

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