Activity without force: wisdom of the body

Strength without 'push',

mobility without 'pull'


Activating inner energy 


Movements from within


Dialogue with yourself, dialogue with all around


Organic way of moving ​


Uprightness and clarity


Grounding, breathing 

Mindfulness, presence


Intuition; your inner guidance

Keys to health and vitality

Somatic awareness ​

deep supporting muscles

Wisdom of flow

Authentic expression

Strength and softness

Awareness + release of
tension, relaxation

Power of natural,
active way of walking

Effortless effort,
joy of moving


BodyAwareness is the important key to the understanding of and communication with other beings, the surrounding and ourself. Animals and our own nervous system respond very positively on grounding, relaxed breathing, calm clarity, release of tension, softness of the body and an allowing, compassionate mindset. When the body is relaxed and awake energy can flow through the body.

Body is a very intelligent system that constantly responds to inner and outer stimulus and makes decisions based on the received information. Holding tension creates a different response and movement in the body than relaxed breath and flow. Healthy movement is relaxation in activity, so it’s important that the body is equally as good in releasing/ relaxing as in strength/ activity. Together they create a healthy motion of inner energy.

BodyAwareness is not about just ‘doing’ exercises but about feeling and having a dialogue with the body from within, with the help of the exercices. Body Wisdom is activating the inner energy centres (like pelvic muscles, spine, feet, bones..!), becoming aware of and softening areas that hold tension easily (like jaw, neck, shoulders, ribs, lower back, ankles..!) and creating mobility and stability in a connected way. Moving from the inner energy without bracing creates freedom.

Body expresses our emotions as physical sensations and the emotional memory is stored all around the body. It is often the body that shows to our own mind how we truly feel and if something is good for us or not. Body is true, and by re-learning to follow and expand body’s wisdom we learn to continuously find and live our truth. Balance and openness of the body and mind without suppressing emotions creates more freedom.

Nature and animals invite us to the present moment all the time, away from our thoughts and hurry into living in here and now. Presence is not only an on-off button, it has many layers and we can learn to be more and more present by softening the body and mind, sensing the delicate emotions and thoughts of animals and ourself, hearing all nature around, hearing the inner voice of intuition, and landing into the communication with animals through pictures or other sensations.

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