Zensitive groups have become appreciated and beautiful way of diving deeper into the path that Noora teaches; connectedness to ourself and horses, Bodywisdom, energy awareness, soulful communication, feeling and respectful training. It is a path of sharing, opening up and growing, not just ‘learning’, so it’s invaluable to do the journey together with like-hearted people.


Zensitive group = a group of about 10 people who make a commitment to 4 meetings together within 1,5 - 2 years. Once started no new people are taken into the group so that the group can grow safely and protected together.


Zensitive groups are for people who have been at least once in the open clinic and feel that this is the path they want to walk further. The groups are being born when a good-hearted and active person enough wants to put a group together.



Nowadays Noora has more Zensitive groups (and some other similar formats) than open clinics because for both the students and Noora they have proven to serve the growth beautifully. It is at the same time a deeper personal journey and a journey of growing together. To be seen and to see openly, and to witness the growth of everyone is richness we can give to each other. Nothing in the growth is forced, everyone is allowed to be who they are.

“Now I have experienced the balance, flow and openness. I trust myself that when losing them, I am able to find them back. Only If I stay open to myself and avoid what is blocking me and choose for the good and joyful things.” - Laura


Leadership is not about controlling and demanding, but about understanding and supporting, connecting to grounded and intuitive wisdom and acting from there. It offers calmness and clarity when someone cannot find it. Leadership is about giving and receiving honest feedback, combined with the ability to create uplifting solutions. It is all about serving and making others feel important. In wise horse herds the leaders radiate and create groundedness, centeredness, wise communication and emotional intelligence. Horses are fantastic teachers in what true leadership is about.



Human brain likes to follow analytical systems and learn methodologically because it’s clear and reduces insecurity. Logic has an important role in creating structure, having clear logic and being focused. Yet it is only part of the truth; Nature is filled with uniqueness, creativity and endless individual forms of the rules. We have 3 ‘brains’ and own nervous systems: biggest one in the belly, second in the heart and third in the brain. They are meant to perceive the world together and act together. Consciousness is not produced by the brain but by the whole intelligence of the body. When brain is supported by gut wisdom and heart wisdom, there is more space and understanding for senses, feeling and intuitive wisdom.

Animals are always true to their senses and bodies. Horses understand us humans best when we are in our senses and bodies, heart and mind, deeper feeling. In the process of ‘training’ and working with the horse we need somatic awareness, mental clarity, gradual steps of learning, knowledge, knowledge of biomechanics, compassion, creativity, timing and openess. When different parts have learned to work harmoniously together, in our own unique way, we have learned to understand, feel and trust life so much more. We have become wiser.


“Today Noora Ehnqvist opened a new door for my horse and I to walk through together, I have been crying like a little girl since and it feels so wonderful to finally know I’m allowed to be me - thank you” - S.P.


Body holds the answers that people are seeking. In Zensitive groups BodyAwareness is an important part of the journey into self-awareness, aware communication, flow and deeper dialogue with our surrounding.

BodyAwareness is about listening to one’s own body, It is a good practice for people not to just blindly follow an instructor but combine the awareness coming from the teacher with being truthful for themselves and finding their own energy, own creativity to make choices and own practice. People who are pregnant or who have limitations due to injuries etc are equally capable of doing BodyAwareness; it’s always about tuning into our own body’s needs each day and moment.

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