What are the clinics            about?


Everything is built on a healthy foundation. Horses' wellbeing is based on a socially active and nourishing life. Living in a balanced herd / with caring friends and being able to make choices over free movement, relationships, shelter and food form the most important platform for the purposeful life of horses. Activities together can then enrich the lives of both horses and humans even further.

Noora's clinics are held in places that support these values.


Everyone is valuable and beautiful within. We all respond to how others see us and communicate to us, it has an effect on the perception of ourselves. Deep meeting happens by seeing beyond the behaviour and forming a communication with the whole being. 

When animals feel that we truly want to understand them and communicate openly, one of the biggest step in the relationship has been taken.



The way we move, breathe, carry ourselves and even think is a language of it’s own and animals read and speak this naturally. BodyAwareness creates the understanding and improvement for this inner language that works as the door to the deeper communication and connection.

BodyAwareness teaches us to combine: activity with relaxation, thinking with feeling and logic with intuition. It shows us a path of flow and health - and a greater awareness of reality.



Want to have a beautiful bond with your horse? Spending undemanding time together, enjoying closeness with each other and sharing life together in many forms build strong and beautiful relationships.

Love grows in freedom. Hanging out is the starting and returning point, the loving and free space of togetherness.

”After participating in the clinic at the beginning of this year I repeated your words to myself day after day. 'To truly see and feel the emotional intelligence and fairness of horses we need to live in our body instead of our head. We need to stop trying to know and hear and instead start to listen, feel and receive while staying in our strength, then your horse has the space to show him/herself and to be there for you'.”



Belly, heart and brain all have their own nervous systems. They work best when they listen to each other and cooperate; together they create an energy that flows through the body. If one centre overrides other ones, flow stops.


Connecting centre points starts by landing deeply and safely into the body and inviting ourselves to let go of ‘readiness to tense'. Such invitation allows the opening of somatic awareness and presence. Body’s tensions are not always obvious but can hide in the organs, fascias, breath, beliefs.. With the somatic awareness throughout the body we find another level of being and moving that allows the body and mind to flow and shine.



Moving in balance without tension is actually challenging for horses and people and requires patient and understanding practice to develop. Mindful exercises help the body and mind to become aware how to stay balanced instead of tensing up in different movements and situations.
Balanced body creates a balanced mind.
 Balance creates deeper confidence and grounded ways of coping with life.



When the body is able to consciously seek relaxation we can explore movement further with the variety of energy levels. Lightness and grace is being born within everyone's own inner expression. A valuable skill to practice is to stay in the safe place of sensitivity without stress or tension in all ways of moving.

Lightness emerges when the body is awake from within; sensitive and relaxed, communicative, conscious and free to explore itself. 



Where do we lead the horse to? Into him/herself.

Communicative leading & following is an important skill for both the human and the horse for creating a respectful and positive cooperation. Leading is a dialogue with the art of listening and finding calm and trustworthy clarity within. Both the human and horse can learn to stay focused on each other in a relaxed way, to move in harmony and to communicate softly without push or pull. This creates balanced and open directions together.


Horses are wise beings and they teach us to lead them with our wise soul and grounded presence, not with our restless mind and demanding ego. Horses naturally resist tensed and imbalanced energies and enjoy being guided by balanced calmness. 

So who is leading whom? I'd say that wisdom is leading us all.

“We are so blessed to be living in times when there are such enlightened teachers. Noora is the absolute real deal in my book and gives great soul and body guidance for horses and humans. Although I have only spent a few clinics worth of time with Noora her influence lives on in me. She teaches a lot about love, honesty and finding an authentic path that is very fresh, truthful and light.” - S.B.



Togetherness is opening up to each other without control and communicating from within. The path of liberty gives us a beautiful chance to learn more about the art of meeting, art of energy communication and the beauty of becoming partners.

There is no chasing involved; we invite, allow, encourage and guide the horse and human respectfully into a mindful dialogue. Grounded energy and wisdom are the foundation, also when horses ask for a clear guidance and structure. 

Wisdom guides us into: mindfulness, trust and an allowing dialogue, appreciating and reading each other’s energy, communicating respectfully and feeling good close to each other. 



When the gut wisdom and the heart are in an open dialogue with each other it is natural to be intuitive and receptive. Animals read our inner pictures and emotions openly and communicate back in various ways.

The more we are in touch with our inner energy throughout the body and mind, the more we can recognise and deepen this communication also with others. And the more we listen to and live with the delicate inner wisdom the clearer it gets. 

Everyone's deepest wisdom is always the most important truth.



With the supple and balanced body we can experience the joy of lightness, effortless expression and flow. A healthy way of moving require enough self-awareness, strength and supple balance; this is why nature wisely teaches these qualities to wild animals. Domesticated horses can develop these skills through supportive living conditions and with the help of anatomically knowledgable groundwork that supports and respects each individual's anatomy and nature.

Noora teaches the energy aware and body aware side of the training. She has done a lot of cooperation with very knowledgeable teachers of techniques and her approach is very appreciated.
Noora herself still studies and recommends her students to study the art of groundwork further with wise and emphatic teachers.



When the relationship, motivation and self-awareness allow, we can expand the strength & suppleness work into the dialogue in liberty. Wisely used tack can help the horse to find awareness and relaxation during exercises and form strength in weak areas. In liberty this help is not there so  a great dialogue, motivation and ability to stay calm and focused.

Liberty practice shows honestly the missing elements of the exploration, helping friends to grow into another level of team work, energy conversation and compassion.

“The time spent with Noora was so uplifting and affirming. Rarely does one meet a person of such absolute integrity and such a deep and true commitment for the horse'” - M.S.



The most beautiful movements origin from within and are expressed through the whole body; the instrument for inner melody, desire and grace for life, elegance, fire, freedom.! If a body moves merely because of external pressure, without inner fulness and expression, it is an empty shell without melody in it. Fulness cannot be forced. Moving from within AND together with another being is possible when both are tuned in to each other and themselves, and both are enough balanced, awake and free in the body. Tension free strength and suppleness give more freedom. There is no one way a movement should look like; everyone have their own unique dance!



Riding is another beautiful form of connectedness, a delicate dialogue. Riding is a gift horse can offer us, not something humans can demand to have. All the physical help and the sensitive communication that has been built on the ground continues now on the back of the horse. Noora’s special love is the sensitive unity of riding where two bodies and souls find the joy of feeling each other and thinking and moving together. Riding brings us to a new sensation, new way of moving together and new ways to listen to each other in a deeper way.



When we look into the eyes of the horse, can we see openness, happiness, deep wisdom, the soul? Do we see and hear the silent communication? Everyone’s path is different but the eyes of the horse are our compass. Horses ask us to guide them with our deep wisdom and not ego, they empower us to find our dignity with humbleness, depth with joy, clarity with softness and compassion to all that is. Who is actually guiding who, indeed the endlessly wise life wisdom is guiding us all.

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